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Using LinkedIn Effectively for Small Business

Recently, I've begun to question how effective LinkedIn really is. Scrolling through my feed was becoming a sea of self-congratulation, shallow stories of triumph after failure or shameless pandering for a job. It was becoming hard to see how one could make valuable...

Corporate Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays fast approaching, make sure you’re not forgetting to thank your clients! No matter what your budget is, there are hundreds of corporate holiday gift options to make your customers feel special and remember you into the New Year. To make it easy for...

Twitter for Small Business Owners

One of the most beneficial things about using Twitter for a small or midsize business is that it gives you an open door into what your audience is talking about in real time.

Yes, You Will Fail.

Of course we all want to see our hard work turn into success. But the reality is, at some point in time we all fail. And guess what? That’s OK!