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Let’s face it; we’re not all perfect. We aren’t all running our business with pure ease and gaining immediate success. There are trials and tribulations to growing any small business. I’ve seen it in many workplaces and clients over the years. While you can’t necessarily avoid the hard times, there are some things you can do to avoid letting internal confusion lead to external confusion. Don’t forget, your employees make for your best brand ambassadors.

Make Your Team Your Brand Ambassadors

There’s no doubt that you are passionate about the business you’ve started. It’s been your baby and you’ve given your time and money to make it a success. As you start to grow your team, make sure they feel as passionately as you do. Don’t assume that they will know everything you know or have the passion that you have immediately. Give them reasons to feel it.

If you don’t, what they’re saying to the world about your business might not be what you are saying to the world about your business. Worse, they may be saying things you don’t want the world to hear about your business. You want your team to be your brand ambassadors. When they’re sharing positive experiences, promoting your products and showing a sense of teamwork on their social media accounts or even in conversation with clients, it shows a confidence in your brand that even the best marketing can’t. If your own staff can’t get behind your brand, what is that saying to the rest of the world?

Make sure your team knows what the goals of the company are. Be transparent (where you can) about targets, areas of growth and the mission of the business. Make them feel a part of it. Start initiatives in the workplace to get them excited and open to sharing. Whether it’s a recycling drive, collecting donations to a charitable cause or a friendly competition, these things not only get them working together, but it encourages them to share their experiences with the outside world.

Empower Talent

Don’t let good talent go to waste. As you’re expanding your team, make sure you’re not only looking at experience, but make sure someone is the right cultural fit as well. A fragmented team will lead to inconsistencies in efforts and eventually that will shine through to your customers.

Get behind your employees and recognize where your talent is. If you have someone showing great promise but needs more experience, provide them with training and help guide them on the right track to move into a higher role. Again, if someone feels their company is behind them, they will be behind their company. Whether you realize it or not, what’s going on internally will always bleed through to the outside world in one-way or another. No matter how great your marketing is, this can cause you to always be on the defense.

Let Go of the Reigns a Little

Bringing in new talent or empowering the team you have can lead to a great source of new ideas. Allow your team to share their ideas and be open to implementing new programs. You may be an expert in your own business but a fresh set of eyes can bring a lot of good to a company.

When your team feels they have a voice they will be more excited about what they’re doing. Not only will they be more productive, they will be more apt to promote your products or services to others. Great ideas are great ideas; don’t get hung up on who they’re coming from.

Today, the team behind a brand is just as important as the brand itself. Even the best marketing strategies can be hurt by poor employee engagement. Don’t underestimate how much internal conflict can affect your external message.