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These days, you can’t watch the news without hearing about Twitter! Despite becoming somewhat of a political platform this past year, Twitter has long been a powerful social media platform for individuals and businesses alike. With over 328 million monthly active users, you’d be silly not to be on Twitter as a business owner. So, how can you use it to your advantage of
Twitter for small business? Let’s discuss!

The fast pace of the Twitter feed allows you to stay in an active conversation with your audience. The downfall is that your content will move quickly off of someone’s feed, so you need to make sure you’re actively posting all day. Even going quiet for a day or two can cause you to lose followers. If you’re going to invest your time in Twitter, you’ll need to make sure you’re ready to be regularly posting. There are lots of tools for business owners to help you manage this. Scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social allow you to schedule out your posts, monitor engagements and keep an eye on accounts and hashtags relevant to your business. If you’re on a budget, Hootsuite’s pricing is more reasonable at $19.00 per month for a Professional Plan.

The other challenge to Twitter is the character limits. With only 140 characters allowed per tweet, it can be challenging to write a compelling message. The upside is that it will force you to be very direct and streamlined with what you have to say. Twitter recently announced that they are testing out higher character limits of 280. This is still in the testing phase, but once it goes wide it could offer you much more room to make an impact.

One of the most beneficial things about using Twitter for small business is that it gives you an open door into what your audience is talking about in real time. You can keep up on what your audience wants, needs and is buzzing about and react accordingly. You can join in the conversation with them and keep a regular dialog going. Play around with different approaches and see what’s driving followers and clicks to your website.

If you’re looking to step up your Twitter game with paid campaigns, they do offer an advertising platform similar to Facebook. It’s not quite as robust as Facebook’s platform, but it does offer some good ways to target your audience. Twitter Ads offers advertisers the option to start their campaign based on your end goal. Currently Website Clicks or Conversions and Awareness are still in a beta phase. So, the platform is still growing into its advertising options.

Follower and Tweet engagement campaigns do offer a great way to build your audience within the platform itself. Setting up a campaign is fairly straightforward and user friendly. Once you select the type of campaign you want to run, Twitter Ads walks you through the process step-by-step to create your target audience. One feature I find particularly useful is the ability to target the followers of other accounts. If you have competitors on Twitter, this is a great way to tap into their audience!

Setting up an ad on Twitter is essentially the same as crafting a tweet. The character limits are the same, you can add a photo or video and a link through to your website. With a small amount of text space, make sure your message is clear and includes a strong call to action.

Though Twitter does require more daily action than Facebook or Instagram, it is worth the time! Don’t get discouraged if a tweet or campaign doesn’t work right away. It can take some time to find your voice on Twitter, but if you put in the time and the effort in you can become a go-to resource for your audience before you know it!

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