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It seems like a harsh statement. Of course we all want to see our hard work turn into success. But the reality is, at some point in time we all fail. And guess what? That’s OK! You can put your blood, sweat and tears into a campaign, a video, a blog or even an email. You can do all your research; you can know your audience and you can efficiently plan your launch. Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, it just doesn’t work like you thought it would. It’s frustrating, it can break your spirit and it can make you want to give up. Don’t let it! Here are a few ways to deal with failure.

1. Don’t take it personally

Failing doesn’t mean that you’re a bad business owner or a bad marketer. It has nothing to do with your ability to ultimately succeed. It happens. I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of top executives and entrepreneurs speak. What’s the common thread across them all? They’ve all failed. I’ve not heard one story of success that didn’t start with facing failure, maybe even more than once. Don’t let it take away your confidence; let it be the thing that drives you to find the right path.

2. Try Again

How many times have your heard the phrase “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?” Cliché as it may be, it’s true. Don’t let failure stop you from trying again. Take what went wrong and dissect it. Look at each piece and start to pinpoint where it went wrong. Sometimes the problem is a simple fix. For example, if you were sending out an email campaign that had low performance, it could be as simple as changing up your subject line. Sometimes it’s more complex. You won’t know until you break it all down. Don’t forget to look at what went right. Take those pieces and see how you can rework them into a better plan.

3. Prepare for next time

Most of the time, when we make a mistake you’ll know better for the next time. Don’t forget what you learned from your failure. What did it tell you about your business? What did it tell you about your audience? What insight did it give you that you didn’t have before? Keep all of these things with you as you continue on and you’ll find that it will only help you create stronger ideas in the future.

Failure isn’t a scary word; it’s part of life. Don’t be afraid of it. When it happens, embrace it and turn it into something even better. Failure should derail you; look at it as a way to propel you forward instead.